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Your horse’s teeth are very important. Dental problems can cause horses considerable discomfort and illness. Dental pain may cause a horse to go off feed, lose weight, or not perform well. The horse may not want to exercise, refuse to accept the bit, and the general health and well-being of the animal may suffer. Horses continue to wear away their teeth throughout their lives and they require regular routine examinations and attention to prevent problems from occurring. Horses’ teeth change their shape and appearance throughout their lives and this helps us to assess their age.

Very simple conditions, such as enamel points, small hooks and surface irregularities can often be corrected with the horse standing and lightly sedated. Occasionally it is possible to remove loose teeth or broken fragments in the standing sedated horse.

Regular attention to your horse’s teeth can help prevent the development of most of the problems discussed above. Healthy, well-maintained teeth will enable your horse to make most efficient use of the feed with which he is supplied and he will therefore thrive. If you are in any doubt about the health of your horse’s mouth, you should ask one of our veterinarians to examine your horse.