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  • Cattle

    Calving difficulties in Cattle Winter Dysentery Salmonella Management of Johne’s in Beef Herds

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    Maximum mycotoxin levels in swine diets Swine Influenza Virus 2009 Swine Producer Meeting

  • Equine

    At York Animal Hospital we are committed to the health and wellness of your horse. The trend in human and veterinary medicine is moving toward preventative health care. Good preventative…

  • Llamas & Alpacas

    York Animal Hospital is committed to the health of your llamas and alpacas. Good preventative care programs include regular physical examinations, fecal examinations, vaccinations, deworming, as well as, pasture maintenance,…

  • Sheep & Goats

    Producers should manage their sheep and goats to prevent or reduce the incidence of disease. Every producer should have a licensed veterinarian assist in the design and implementation of a…