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Diagnostic Services

From fecal flotation to bacterial culture and sensitivity, our clinic facility and staff are capable of performing many laboratory tests and screenings. Our doctors (or the farm managers in some cases) can collect samples to determine the type of pathogen that is present and the best course of treatment. Blood samples can be evaluated for many disease conditions. We can perform tests to evaluate cell counts (red and white cell counts), screen the body organ systems, and evaluate electrolyte status. Specific disease conditions such as PRRS, Circovirus, Mycoplasma, Johne’s, Equine Infectious Anemia, Leptosporosis, BVD, and others can be detected at off site facilities.

A necropsy (postmortem examination) can be performed to determine the cause of disease by gross and microscopic examination of tissues and by conducting appropriate serologic and microbiologic examinations. A postmortem examination may be warranted when there is a decrease in production, there are overt signs of illness, or there is an increase in mortality.

Necropsy may not reveal all causes of disease because some problems are related to management, including poor nutrition, feed and/or water deprivation, improper ventilation, poor sanitation, chilling or overheating, and overcrowding. Such conditions often require an on-site investigation to determine the cause of the problem. Necropsy is most likely to identify infectious disease processes, nutritional deficiencies, toxicities, parasitic disease, and tumors.